All photography provided by Vanessa Borras.

Our Mission 

Based out of Austin, we look to connect with companies to explore their goals and initiatives, providing unique and out of the box execution on creative objectives. We strive to give people a creative outlet to tell their story using all types of media platforms and help them explore humanity through our passion of storytelling and give new perspectives on the world and the people in it.


Jonny Blackburn

Jonny Blackburn has spent over a decade in the film industry. He has worked as a casting director, producer, director, assistant director, and even an actor. Working with clients on independent films, commercials, television shows, and corporate narrative around the world. Jonny brings his international connections, knowledge, and passion for creating stories that will alter the way people perceive the world they live in.


Gary Elmore

Gary Elmore is a native Austinite and has always enjoyed both cinema and theatrical productions. Gary previously was the Artistic Director for the non-profit community theatre group The Arts Project of Austin (2008 - 2012) and produced more than twelve shows with the company. Since that time, he has moved into the cinematic world of film, enjoying both the utility of the medium, as well as it’s greater reach and impact on the world. For Gary, the process from conception to release of a production is an enjoyable and exciting time.


Neil Reilly

Neil has been a prime contributor to the Austin art scene for almost 15 years. Spending a heavy amount of his early years as a stage manager and producer for The Arts Project of Austin. A few years back, he began his ascension into writing, directing, and producing for films here in Austin. As a former United States Marine and an avid arts contributor, Neil has the perfect blend of discipline, vision, and creativity to see any project through from conception to completion.


Vanessa Borras

Vanessa joined our team shortly after LeadFeather’s inception. Wearing many hats in our team, from creative design to marketing and sales acquisition, Vanessa is always brimming with new and creative ideas around storytelling. Vanessa comes joins our team with 7 plus years of marketing experience, and has worked with many tech companies around the world, helping customer solve for their own unique problems.


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