LeadFeather continues to grow with the addition of Vanessa Borras


Austin, TX. – 05/19/2018 – LeadFeather Productions continues to grow with the addition of their new Marketing Director, Vanessa Borras. LeadFeather Productions will benefit from Vanessa’s years of training and experience in the field of marketing.

For additional resources and information, contact LeadFeather Productions Public Relations Director Neil Reilly.

As a growing business, LeadFeather Productions understands the importance of marketing in today’s economic world. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, without the right marketing strategy, you’ll just get lost in the crowd. Having a solid Marketing Director is pivotal to getting your business noticed. Marketing Directors have to know the ins and outs of their business and be able to identify, or even set, the trends of the industry. LeadFeather Productions knew they found the right woman for the job when they brought Vanessa Borras on-board.

Vanessa earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida International University. Since graduation, Vanessa has gained invaluable experience in the marketing world working for Amazon, LinkedIn and Yelp (just to name a few). Vanessa brings with her priceless knowledge, an endless list of high level contacts, but most importantly, a never-quit attitude. When asked about taking over marketing for LeadFeather Productions, Vanessa stated, “I’m so ecstatic to be joining this team of industry professionals. Keep your eyes on LeadFeather (Productions), we’re going to do big things in 2019 and moving forward!”  


Based out of Austin, TX., LeadFeather Productions works to connect with companies to explore their goals and initiatives, providing unique and out of the box execution on creative objectives. We strive to give people a creative outlet to tell their story using all types of media platforms and help them explore humanity through our passion of storytelling and give new perspectives on the world and the people in it.