“Eye of the Beholder” officially selected for the International Film Festival of Figueira da Foz



Austin, TX. – 07/13/2019 – LeadFeather Productions short film Eye of the Beholder continues to gain recognition with its selection into the International Film Festival of Figueira da Foz. This event marks Eye of the Beholders second international selection in the European cinema community.

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A recently deceased photographer's magnum opus, a work entitled 'Eye of the Beholder,' which propelled him to fame, was also his first piece. The out-of-his-depth artist's life is examined in reverse-chronological order and the impact he has had on society. With powerful performances by Michael Schnick, Amelia Turner and George O’Connor, Eye of the Beholder promises to be a strong contender at every film festival. Remember, “Just as the title suggest, Eye of the Beholder means something unique to everyone”. Written and Directed by Jonny Blackburn and Gary Elmore.

Eye of the Beholder is the first short film produced by LeadFeather Productions since its formation in 2018. Its selection into the International Film Festival of Figueira da Foz is a great honor and the team is excited to continue to share their work with a new audience. Based out of Portugal, the International Film Festival of Figueira da Foz is an independent film festival, committed and dedicated to showcasing the works of new and established, national and international filmmakers from the world of independent cinema. The organization is proud of its independence and ethics in the selection of films that presents the contest in its Official Selection.


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